Monday, August 11, 2008

Chicken Or Roosters !!

These are my Baby Chickens, We got them from Dylan's Kindy, I have been told the ratio of Girls to Boy's could be more than half of Roosters, Some are quite a bit bigger than the others even though they all hatched out in 3 days. They are now 6 weeks old, I will have to find homes for the Roosters or take them up to the Animal Farm at The Strawberry Farm. Anyone Know How to tell.?? Apparently Roosters have longer legs and Tails and there combs grow faster, so there is definatly a couple of Boy's in the bunch if that is the case.

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Sara said...

You should talk to my mom about her chickens/roosters, maybe she can help you! She ended up with lots of roosters! is her blog!

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