Friday, July 18, 2008

Another Stunning Stable bag

I've made another Stable Bag, and looks like I will be making a few more, I made this one for my daughter hayley, to use as a baby bag, and all her friends are impressed and some want me to make one for them as well, Oh yeah I will do them in my sparetime.!!


Julie said...

You are certainly right this bag is stunning! I have the pattern, I now have the perfect encouragement to make it up.....if you are the Queen of UFO's I must be fast becoming the Princess!

Grandma Shell said...

I've seen bags like this before. Where can I get the pattern? Love your use of color for the interior!

OzarksGma said...

You have the pattern? Where could I get the pattern? I ordered a pattern and kit from Blueberries quilt shop on April 2nd and have not received nor have I gotten a response to 3 requests as to the status of my order. I'm looking elsewhere to find the pattern. Any help appreciated.

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