Monday, September 17, 2007

Baby Quilts

Several of my daughters, friends are having babies so I have had the usual requests, Mum doo you have anything for a baby shower, One friend they were so sure she was having a girl so I made this pretty pink shabby braid quilt. oops she had a Boy !! Lewis .

Well I had also made a yellow one .....but they weren't sure so while at the Retreat I made a cute Teddy Panel up, I quilted free motion around all the pattern on the panel, The girls think that is the one she will choose.

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Nicole and Phil said...

opps...that's why I don't give out baby quilts until the baby is born! LOL.
Are you getting the pink one back? then you will have one prepared for the next baby girl! LOL
I love the new sewing machine. I have 2 Janome machines, and I love them!

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